Okay, to weed out some people before wasting their time, as well as mine, we're going to get right down to the rules. Everything's going to be on this page because it's easier. 

 If WE are not compatible, you're more than welcome to search for other partners at Roleplay Central

 You can join if you want, too :D I made it and I'm proud of it. 

DOUBLING: I don't really have the attention span or patience to write more than one main character. I prefer to just have one main character. You're more than welcome to double if you'd like, and I'm fine bringing in smaller background, support characters. 

Animals: No. 

VAMPIRE: I haven't done a vampire roleplay in a really long time, mostly because the last ones that I wound up doing ended being "Twilight-y" or just boring. If you have an engaging plot, shoot it my way and we'll give it a shot. 

IDEAS: Don't be a whiny bitch if I tell you that I'm not really into your idea. I'll tell you "Hey, I don't really think that would work, but would you like to try this?" If you don't like my ideas, tell me.

CONTACT: E-mail only. Sorry, I am in school and I work, so this allows me to reply when I'm available. I'll reply as often as possible, so when I get off work, that will be really fast. I'll always reply at least once a day and if something comes up where I won't be able to reply for a few days, I will ALWAYS find a way to let you know. I hope that you'll do the same. 

GENDER: You won't tell me what gender to play. I'll decide that. I almost always prefer to play female. 

SLASH: I don't do Slash. Sorry. I support it, blah blah blah, all the shit you've heard before. I just don't do it.

FANDOMS: When it comes to fandoms, I'm not going to play a cannon. You're more than welcome to,but I won't. I'll play an OC, and even then, there are some fandoms that I ADORE, but I won't roleplay them.  (Harry Potter, for example). 

 PLOTS: I really don't like freestyling roleplays. I have a bunch of plots that we can discuss and you're more than welcome to tweak to fit your liking. I like to hear your plots too, but I don't promise to like them.


I LIKE fantasy, but NOT outrageous fantasy. Sorry, but faeries and werewolves and kelpies don't live in the same areas.  Try to keep it to a minimum. I like fallen angels, I have a ghost x human plot. Gifted is okay. 

I LIKE normal teenager things

I LIKE well thought out plots

I LIKE post apocalyptic

I DISLIKE historical without any sense of fantasy or other aspect to it. 

other than that...suggest.


CONNECTION: I reserve the right to tell you if I don't think things are going to work out between us. I can normally tell within the first few e-mails if we're going to click or not. You should have a good idea by now kind of my personality, so if you don't think we're going to be a match, then don't message me.

IGNORING: I don't like it if you ignore me, but sometimes I understand it. Please try to let me know if you don't things are working out, because I'll try to do the same.

INTROS: Do NOT send me an intro that is a paragraph long. No. I won't respond if you do.

LIMITS: I don't have any. If you do, that's great, let me know and I'll respect them. I am 21 and prefer my partners to be at least 17. I prefer characters to be at least 18. 


 I'm not going to give you a really long list, because that would take up too much time. Suggest. 

I like a lot of different things, which you can read a few lines up. I also like Modern day takes on DISNEY MOVIES, my favourites being The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Treasure Planet.

(NOTE: If we're doing Treasure Planet, I would prefer captain x delinquent. Ask for further information, if you'd like.)